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Teaching and Learning Ideas

  • Students will create digital stories / information reports / poetry readings / procedures incorporating their voice and Creative Commons / Public Domain images and backing soundtrack
  • This challenge can be applied across a range of subject areas, including Science, History, and Geography.


  • Suitable for Grades 1-12, although young students will need some teacher support to familiarise themselves with how the app works.
  • Partner / individual activity, depending on age, experience, and learning objectives.
  • Younger students will need some modelling and scaffolded support; however, older students will find the app relatively intuitive.

Note: This app requires users to sign in with a (free) Adobe ID. I would highly recommend creating a class user account (using a class Gmail address) and a generic password ... eg. school.student.

Focus Skills

  • Scriptwriting - essential for all year levels
  • Choosing images and music to match the topic (either using the in-built search, or from Camera Roll)
  • How to record / re-record voice narration
  • Exporting to Camera Roll (after adding name to credits) or Adobe Cloud (sharing link with teacher via email).

Process & Timing

As with all the iPad Creative Challenges, the focus of this project is on students' development and demonstration of literacy skills. Timing will vary according to students' age and experience.

The creation process is broadly as follows:

Planning and Preparation
  • Students need to carefully plan their presentation, researching their topic and writing the script.

  • For an excellent, illustrated tutorial of the Voice creation process, please click here.

  • Students create their videos using their voice, adding images or icons, and a backing soundtrack.
  • They can use the image search engine within the app, or import their own pictures (either hand drawn, or created in other apps, such as DoodleBuddy).
  • As with all digital storytelling activities, it is important to consider the level of background noise. Consider your groupings and placement of students within, or outside the classroom. It is not uncommon for my students to be sitting down the corridor, or on the lawn outside our classroom while working with Adobe Voice!


  • Currently the app only allows completed presentations to be hosted on Adobe's servers (students can email the URL to their teacher), or alternatively, they can be saved to Photos/Camera Roll as .mp4 videos.
  • Saving to Photos/Camera Roll does not save the title of the work in the file name. Students need to be taught to add their first name to the credits before exporting their presentation (Go to Export - Edit Credits).
  • Exported videos can be uploaded to YouTube or Dropbox for sharing - Unfortunately, there is no native support for this yet.

Classroom Examples

Year 2 - Online Safety (2015)

Year 3 - Time (2015)

Year 3 - News Reports (2014)

Year 3 - Narratives (2014)