Screencasting with Explain Everything

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Explain Everything is an incredibly powerful screencasting and digital whiteboard tool, with advanced editing tools, and the ability to import or export content from/to almost any other app on your iPad, including Dropbox and Google Drive.

Teaching and Learning Ideas

  • Students can create screencasts incorporating images, text, videos, and voice recordings, which can be exported as videos and edited in a range of apps.
  • It can be used to narrate explanations, information reports, and procedures. Teachers could use it to create 'flipped classroom' videos.
  • This challenge can be applied across a range of subject areas, including English, Science, History, and Geography.
  • 13 Ideas to Use Explain Everything
  • Screencasting Peer Feedback (for a 1:1 environment)

Grade Levels
  • Suitable for Grade 3 (with support) to Secondary.

Skills to be taught
  • How to use the screencast tool bar to add text, images, etc.
  • How to import content to annotate in the screencast (PDFs, videos, practically anything that can be created on an iPad).
  • How to save and export projects to cloud services (I'd suggest using a class Dropbox account).
  • How to playback and/or delete audio tracks using the timeline


The extensive features and options found in Explain Everything can be overwhelming for new users. I would highly recommend watching the tutorial videos found on the MorrisCooke website. Help guides can be accessed from within the app.

If you don't need these advanced features, and don't want to export your presentations into other apps or services (such as YouTube), you might like to try ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard.


The sharing options in Explain Everything are one of the major reasons I encourage the use of this tool - It gives teachers and students the flexibility to save and export their presentations, for easy sharing and assessment, via whatever cloud storage solution their school uses.

Classroom Examples

HaikuDeck and Explain Everything AppSmash (Grade 2, 2014).

We asked our students to create their presentations in HaikuDeck, which uses Creative Commons / Public Domain images, and then import the screenshots into Explain Everything to create their presentations. We would not recommend doing this in Grade 2; however, it is potentially a very useful mashup for older students.