Professional Development Day 25.8.2014

In small groups, preferably split across year levels, you will be exploring some of the apps we’ve installed on the school iPads, creating a learning product which you will share with your colleagues in round table discussions towards the end of the session. A suggestion would be to use the photos and videos you took during Book Week to create a video / comic / presentation you can share on Open Night; however, this is optional.

As you progress through the creative challenge, you will be asked to think about (and share) how you could potentially use these apps in class. Take a moment to explore some of the weblinks provided, and do some searching of your own. If you find a relevant resource, or come up with some potential ideas, please add it to this collaborative document.

Creative Challenges

If you’d like to create something on a topic other than Book Week, you are welcome to use the Creative Commons & Public Domain image search engines linked __here__. I recommend Pixabay __http://pixabay.com__.

Remember, learning does not have to be confined to one app - You can create an image in one app, and export into another. We call this “workflow” or “app smashing” :)

If you have specific iPad questions, I’m happy to work with you one on one.

Photography, Collages, & Comics
Use Snapseed and BeFunky to edit and add creative effects to Book Week Photos, saving images to Camera roll. Import these images into Pic Collage or Strip Design.

Digital Storytelling with Adobe Voice
Use Adobe Voice to teach a lesson, show and tell, promote an idea. This app incorporates images, creative commons music, and your voice. It has many possible applications - limited only by your imagination.

iMovie Trailers
In groups of two to three, choose one of the iMovie trailer proformas available on the iPad (the ones on the Mac are different, but require same skills), and create a 30-60 movie trailer on a topic or theme of your choice.

Screencasting apps are useful for demonstrating and recording learning, eg. record an explanation of a maths problem, demonstrate a concept, explain a teaching idea. ShowMe, Educreations, and ExplainEvrything - are suitable for various year levels. Choose one which works for your students, and create a screencast to share with your group.

Publish with Book Creator
Work in pairs to plan, and create a story / eBook sharing your students’ favourite books, as illustrated through their Book Week costumes. Or, simply write and illustrate a story using public domain pictures sourced from __http://pixabay.com__