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Teaching and Learning Ideas

  • Students can create all kinds of digital texts incorporating images, text, videos, and voice recordings, sharing their texts as videos or as ePubs, which can be shared and read in iBooks, and potentially published on the iBooks Store.
  • This challenge can be applied across a range of subject areas, including English, Science, History, and Geography.
  • It could potentially become a simple digital portfolio tool for Early Childhood Teachers.

Grade Levels

  • Suitable for Pre-Primary to Secondary.
  • Secondary teachers may be be interested in iBooks Author, but this is only available for Macs.


  • Book Creator app (save 50% if you purchase via VPP)
  • This challenge is suitable for individual / small group activities.

Skills to be taught

  • Planning, creating, and editing a text - e.g. a narrative could be drafted and edited in written form, before being 'published' as an ePub.
  • How to use the import photos/video tools, and add voice recordings (e.g. narrating the story).
  • How to export completed books to Photos (as videos) or other apps (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive).

Quick User Tips

  • Have students include their first name and class in the title of the book when editing in Book Creator. It makes them easy to identify when the files are exported to Dropbox (etc) for sharing.
  • Use single page landscape / portrait format for easy reading in iBooks.
  • The typical "pinch and zoom" function does not work for resizing images/video in Book Creator. You have to click on the blue resizing dot in the corner, and drag.

Process & Timing

Timing will vary according to students' age and experience, and whether this is run as an individual / group activity

The creation process is broadly as follows:

Planning and Preparation
  • Students follow the typical planning, drafting, and editing process for creating their text - e.g. a narrative, recount, persuasive text, information text, etc. Depending on their age and teacher preference, this could be a written process, or be done on the iPad using Pages / Google Docs.

  • The app is relatively intuitive for students to learn how to use independently, or with some support in the early years. Teachers may wish to consider where students source their images - they can be drawn in the app, imported from Photos, or potentially be hand drawn and photographed.
  • For detailed instructions, I highly recommend the Red Jumper Studio Support site.


  • Book Creator comes with excellent options for exporting and sharing students' work - either as movies, PDF, or ePubs.
  • Students can be taught how to export books, with their first names and class in the title, to class accounts in Dropbox, Google Drive, Edmodo, and other apps for sharing with authentic audiences.
  • It is possible to contribute Book Creator publications to the iBooks Store - it is a little bit of a complicated process, but worthwhile. For a good overview of how to do this, please click here.

Classroom Examples

Year 2 Indigenous Stories (2014) - in ePub format (you will need to read in iBooks).

Year 3 Narratives (2015)